Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do You Believe Lasers Will Stop Hair Loss

There is FDA approval for lasers to help stimulate hair growth but most experts agree it's no miracle. I have a hair max laser comb and I would say it's bunk, but we all want hair. So if you want to get one, or any of the new lasers, I would buy them used on e-bay

A New Technique: Laser Hair Loss Treatment

One type of laser hair loss treatment is the laser comb, which is a device that can be used by the individual in the comfort of his own home. The way the device works is that phototherapy is administered by combing the person’s hair with the device so that the hair follicles are stimulated in addition to the topical solutions that the individual might be using. These laser combs are often the best laser hair loss treatment to use after having a hair replacement surgery to promote the healing of the different hair transplants in the scalp. The combs are usually used in addition to the treatments that are done in the doctor’s office as a way to enhance the hair recovery.

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