Saturday, April 11, 2009

Revivogen for Hair Loss

Grow Your Hair back

I have heard of Revivogen Natural Hair Loss Solution and used it a few years back. I didn't use it very long but I saw no results. The Revivogen Video Below makes it look great but I'm not going back to it. I've never heard anything good about so please leave a comment if I'm missing something.

Here is a little about the hair loss product

Revivogen is a dermatologist formulated natural hair loss solution that specifically combats the most common form of hair loss, Androgenic Alopecia. It is formulated with natural ingredients scientifically proven to reduce and block DHT, the hormone that causes shedding and the gradual miniaturization of the hair follicles.

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  1. Depression and extreme stress are identified as the common causes of hair loss and altogether inadequate hair care, tumors, diseases like seborrheic dermatitis and hypothyroidism, malnutrition et al are certain other factors that contribute to hair loss in both men and women.