Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hair Loss Remedy?

I think this stuff is probably a load of junk but I do like the green tea which I take orally for hair loss. It sounds good but nobody that I know is talking about it.

So take a look below and BUYER BE WARE. I'm not endorsing this so there is no link to their trial. If you really want this product, just google it.

  • Look Fabulous, Feel Fabulous
  • Quick Results and Easy to Use!
  • Used by Celebrity Stylists

Smart is an Organic Product

Smart is an organic product that is proven to stop hair loss and re-grow hair. Independent, blind, double blind and placebo controlled studies have proven that Smart stops hair loss and re grows hair in over 91.2% of its users.
Apple Polyphenols

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. But an apple a day also keeps DHT and Hair loss away and helps nourish the scalps and hair follicles to grow strong healthy new hair!

Independent scientific studies conducted in Japan have found concrete medical evidence that Apple Polyphenols (extracted from the apple fruit) increase hair growth by over 300%.

Rooibos (Red tea)

Rooibos is a Rare and Exotic African red tea which contains 37 unique antioxidant substances and is rich in minerals, calcium and potassium.
Green Tea

According to a leading American research firm, Green Tea’s amazing antioxidant properties are tested and proven to stops hair loss. The tests conclude when Green Tea is applied directly to the scalp, it acts as an Anti-inflammatory agent that stops hair loss in both men and women at an overwhelming rate of 97%.
The Kit Includes:
Scientifically TESTED and PROVEN to work in just 2 Weeks

Is it true, can it really be this easy to have a shiny, beautiful, full head of hair?

Find out for yourself how Ordinary People across the country have noticed a dramatic change in their appearance!

Try it absolutely FREE of Risk!

The Smart System is one of the hottest new programs in America

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